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How Do I Define Economy?

In short, Economy includes efficiency, organization, and systemization. It is taking the sum of the qualities one has at their disposal and arranging and utilizing them to best serve the needs, interests, and pursuits of one’s life. The goal of economy is to productively utilize and distribute what one has management of, and access to, for the greatest good and the highest possible return. God’s economy involves His assignment to every generation, the administration of His vast creation wealth, resources, and provision throughout the world. ~ Dr. Paula A. Price

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Mindset and Money Management

All Money Management Coaching includes Mindset & Money Mentorship: Mentorship meetings that will delve into thoughts and understanding of the response towards making and earning money. These meetings include learning the reactions and expectations regarding money. Money has fundamental demands and both money and wealth require the same thing.

Our Specialties

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What We Can Do For You


We offer mentorship, coaching, & teaching regarding effective leadership.


Intricately explore what leadership is and how it can be identified.


Learn how to identify leadership faculties within your and/or your team’s biotic make up.


Learn what environments and equipment  you need to develop and function effectively as a leader.


Take a brutal look at what’s working and what’s not, and let’s adjust the strategy.

Each session is designed to walk you or your team through what the mindset of a ministry leader means and how it is cultivated. The objective is that the overseer and the leader will recognize the leader that God has crafted within and how to be that leader. It is true that leaders are faced with determining next steps for their team(s), establishing an educational system to cultivates the biblical mindset that services God’s call. Because God’s leaders make up both the five-fold (Ephesians 4:11) and three-fold (1 Corinthians 12:28), the mentorship, strategy coaching, and teaching is always customized to the need. With every time we have together, there will be prayer.


Delve into the world of parenting and discover some additional gems and jewels.


Discover your parenting meter.


Cultivate best practices identified that are beneficial to you and your child or youth.


Manage and assess today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals at the same time.


We offer mentorship, coaching, & teaching that include the mind and the soul of parenting as well as money matters. We take time to address such things as effective communication, and building trust.

Parenting includes providing early education to their youth regarding how money works. With the Cost of Living (C.O.L.) tool, your youth will have an opportunity to gain insight into what their goals and dreams look like monetarily. The plan for all of our youth is financial soundness. With completing the short form, the process begins and a customized monetary layout is created to show the numbers that will support their goal and dream.


We offer money mastery mentorship, coaching, & teaching that include the mindset most useful for understanding your money. It is true, every working adult has money. Many will have a budget but oftentimes it is actually serving as a “checklist” or “tracker”.


Discover the richness of Money Mastery.


Learn how your financial supervision is your instrument and tool used in mastering its direction


Learn where to adjust, emphasize, and implement your thoughts and plan.


Discover what works best for you and your goals.

Consider a plan that is strategically designed to target goals and is structured interactively allowing you to see the results unfolding, plan-by-plan. This coaching includes counseling and training that is created to answer your questions with the end goal of mastering how you focus and use your resources.

From Our Founder

Dellaresa Woodert, MBA

Awarded Recipient of a Doctorate of Divinity Degree

Dellaresa Woodert mentors and coaches with a commitment to bringing answers to questions that are affect your economy. She focuses on the entire spectrum of one’s economy. Meaning, using the total sum of what one has to arrange and utilize them to best serve the needs, interest, and pursuits of one’s life. God’s economy involves spiritual giftings, talents, and abilities, including ethics, morality, and qualities that ensure the fulfillment God assigns. It is important for her clients to remember that God’s economy includes His people’s family life, success in business enterprises, financial wealth, and ministry’s successful leadership. Along with years of specialized knowledge in the areas of couple and family mentorship, customized trainings, and financial coaching, she’s able to bring God’s answers and solutions to many.

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